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Shot Lists for January

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

[PANTONE’s Color of The Year: Peach Fuzz]

Around this time, visual artist all around the world are keeping their eyes and ears alert every year for PANTONE’s color of the year. The color of 2024 is ‘Peach Fuzz’: a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration. Savor the meaning of the color and make it yours in the form of visual art.

[Oriental Medicine]

 Immunity and basic physical strength are surely some of the main topics people want to know more about. Consider this and create stock content under the theme of Oriental Medicine – which has been utilized for a long time for that purpose. Think of medicinal herbs and Chinese letter calligraphies, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and electrotherapy tools that are used during the treatment.

[Organizing and Storing]

South Korea has distinctive four seasons. Therefore, people in South Korea are encountering moments of having to organize and store household supplies and clothes quite frequently. Create your vision of people tidying up their space for the upcoming season by using various tools including compression packing cubes and drawer organizers. Planning a series of scenarios that could show the contrast between before and after using compression packing cubes could add more layers.

[Hosts Welcoming Visitors]

The most essential element to prepare the social gatherings is space. Since we all know the importance of featuring people having a great time with precious ones, what about featuring the moment of hosts welcoming their visitors at various places? The scene of a host cleaning up the porch and opening the gate for loved ones and then receiving gifts from them can be a great example.

[2024 Trend: Dofarming]

 2024 Trend Korea has announced a keyword for the next year, ‘Dofarming’. A new compound of dopamine and ‘farming’, an act of collecting items while playing games holds a social condition, especially when contemplating people these days trying to gather their fun or information in a short period actively. Be sure to keep the track of trend of 2024 so that you can apply it in your upcoming project.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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