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ClipartKorea: Launching of the License Package for One-Person Media Creators

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

According to the National Tax Service's data released in 2020, One-Person Media Creators who create profit by making video content based on the internet · mobile environment amount to 20,000. These One-Person Media Creators must spend a lot more time planning, filming, and editing, compared to ‘Corporate’ Media Creators. Therefore, the most competitive advantage One-Person Media Creators should equip is the ability to search and utilize the resources that would build the appropriate atmosphere for content and keep the viewer’s interest, such as GIFs · Motion Graphics · Video / Photo Sources · BGMs · Sound Effects.

To meet their needs, the most recognized and respected brand in South Korea, ClipartKorea, has just launched the ‘One-Person YouTube Creator’ license package. The license allows media creators to download 500 cuts of images, 150 motion graphics · sound files per month for an affordable price to produce trendy yet distinctive content while respecting copyrights and neighboring rights.

Watch for TongRo Images Inc.,’s further developments since there are much more to follow. Visit ClipartKorea’s website to learn more information about the ‘One-Person YouTube Creator’ license. The promotional offer, which comes with a 33% discounted price and movie vouchers, will be continued until February 28th of 2023. Check the video below to learn more.


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