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Customers' Requested Content for April

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

We have prepared our monthly list of Customers' Requested Content. There are images of ‘Traditional-Hip’, Outdoor Lifestyle, Animal Insurance, and Office Lifestyle. We hope this list could inspire your artwork.

1. ‘Traditional-Hip’: It became quite common to watch K-POP artists like BTS · BLACKPINK · Chungha showing off their charm by wearing Hanbok on stage. Moreover, the people we meet in our daily lives are using cellphone cases that are inspired by traditional crafts like Najeon Chilgi(mother-of-pearl craft) · Goryeo Celadon. These examples can show ‘Traditional-Hip’, a trend that reinterprets traditional culture with modern insight, is getting more and more popular. Capture the timeless beauty of traditional culture, and people’s effort to put a modern taste on it.

Requested Images: People enjoying the sights of ancient palaces · Traditional Korean-style houses wearing modern-styled Hanbok. Korean traditional accessories Like Daenggi(Hair Ribbon) · Binyeo, Cheopji, Dwikkoji(Ornamental Hairpin) · Norigae(Decorative Pendant) · Sultti(Belt With Ornamental Knots). Streetwear with the design of traditional patterns including dragons and phoenixes.

2. Outdoor Lifestyle: Since 2017, gorp-core has been deconstructing the border between casual clothes and outdoor clothes and eventually getting it into the zone of high fashion. Putting this into consideration, it is finally time to stop thinking that outdoor fashion is an out-of-style attire for the older generation. Outdoor brands are also responding to it quickly by using models from the younger age groups and releasing pastel-toned clothes. Compose the stock images of younger people enjoying outdoor sports while wearing casual-looking clothes, and vice versa.

Requested Images: Lifestyle images depicting people’s everyday life located in cafes · bookstores · share offices. People enjoying outdoor sports including Trekking · Hiking · Climbing · Camping · Hang Gliding · Cycling. Various types of equipment and gadgets for outdoor sports.

3. Animal Insurance: On March 20th, 2023, Daegu council approved a revised Ordinance for Animal Protection to establish an animal welfare plan. This ordinance, planning a harmonious coexistence between human beings and animals, is giving us implications. Adding this to the fact that insurance companies are also releasing numerous kinds of animal insurance, it seems the relationship stated above will be deepened increasingly. Plan to create images that show your caring heart for the animals, which will be a significant part of your lifetime.

Requested Images: Various living spaces for animals including Inside and Outside of a House · Farm · Shed. Animals getting Medical Check-Ups · Treatment · Medicine. lifestyle image of animal(s) spending time with a human. Images that show the current affairs and economics related to companion animals and/or livestock.

4. Office Lifestyle: The popularity of ‘workcation’ and remote work is slowly ceasing, and the traditional face-to-face business is coming back to life. However, focus on the small details that changed; the atmosphere of overall enterprises has become a bit more casual and open. Catch this wind of change and put it into your artwork.

Requested Images: Smart offices with reservable tables instead of assigned ones. Businesspeople decorating their own tables. Offices with open interior designs.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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