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Frequently Asked Questions: Correlations between Portfolio and Subscription

How did the last week’s article come to you? This week’s article will cover another way to generate better profit by analyzing the correlations between the characteristics of portfolios and their amount of subscriptions.


The range of subscriptions can be divided into three parts, due to supply and demand. The portfolio that generates the entry-level profit consists of landscape and/or nature images that can be easily created in daily life. These types of images have an excessive amount of supply, surpassing the demand. Therefore, to create preferred landscape and/or nature images, you should plan ① the latest image of regional landmarks or travel spots ② practical images which are aiming specific use such as editorials ③ images that are already post-processed above a certain level so that its users can use almost immediately.

Additionally, consider that the images which are ① depicting the specific seasons including spring · summer · autumn · winter · national holidays under the clear sky, and ② holding a supplementary, conceptual theme under the main theme (e.g.: wind power generator installed on the green hill under the clear blue sky to portray landscape AND eco-friendly generation) have higher subscriptions.


The portfolio that makes a higher profit than the entry-level portfolio contains ① lifestyle and/or props images with refined framing and compositionportraits which are reflecting trend · issue · season. These categories mentioned above require a detailed development process that is based on an evident aesthetic.

For example, for the lifestyle · prop images that are set on the bathroom with a modern yet natural interior, it is better to prepare wooden props to go along with the white aesthetic instead of props with vibrant colors that would break the harmony. Also, for the portrait, you must compose the costumes and the model’s posture as clearly as possible so that you can show the situation(s) you want, eventually the theme of the images. Furthermore, bear in mind that the series of images with the narrative could reach the broader needs of the clients.


Lastly, TongRo Images’ content creators with the highest earnings have a portfolio ① with images that are based on premium-quality planning, directing, and shooting skills with ② distinctive storytelling that belong to ③ various kinds of categories.

To create high-quality images, there are a few conditions you need to satisfy. In the stage of planning and designing, professional and luxurious styling should be done to make props and/or food stand out. In addition, continuously explore numerous references to find a point of contact for your own style and the latest trend. Continually, in the stage of shooting and post-processing, keep the impression you want to convey in mind and try to embody it with suitable lighting, filter, and white balance setting.

Moreover, content creators on this level are endlessly researching the current trend and making it to the new item. If you are trying to start your stock image career or step up for better profit, refer to these characteristics to create an evolved portfolio.


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