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Shot Lists for December

The black tiger is about to pass on its part to the black rabbit. We hope that you could round this year off with precious memories.

1. Images of Delicate, White-Colored Flowers

This month’s first shot list is the images of delicate, white-colored flowers. Extravagant flowers such as hydrangeas or peonies are also great, however, we suggest you create peaceful yet beautiful mise-en-scéne by using Limonium or Queen Anne’s Lace in December. Placing these objects on the edge of the frame so that they could be used as useful images for the customers could be a good idea.

Shot List: Images of Limonium · Cotton Flower · Queen Anne’s Lace · Ragras · Androsace. An image of a woman holding a bouquet with natural make-up under the subtle lighting. Template images of delicate, white-colored flowers composed on neutral-colored backgrounds with glass objects or white-colored sand.

2. Images of New Year’s Day and Lunar New Year

The Year of the black rabbit is right ahead of us. This time of the year could be a great chance to experiment with traditional and modern objects that carry the hopeful spirit of New Year’s Day. Additionally, how about wishing good luck to the various people that we meet in our everyday lives?

The Shot List: Images of the black rabbit that symbolizes 2023. Images of adults and children greeting each other with New Year's greetings. Various forms of families sharing traditional food like Tteokguk(Rice cake soup) · Galbi-jjim(Braised beef short ribs) · Samsaek Namul(Stir-fried tricolored vegetables). People enjoying traditional games.

3. Images of Comforting Winter Food

Besides the Lunar New Year that was mentioned earlier, December is a suitable month to portray ‘Dongji(冬至)’ which has the nickname of ‘Tiny New Year’s Day’. Dongji, the day of the year with the longest night and the shortest day, is also well-known as the day of having ‘Dongji Red Bean Porridge’ which is believed to protect people from evil. Of course, we don’t eat or practice traditional customs with the handmade red bean porridges as our ancestors used to. Nevertheless, the spirit of wishing peace to the people around us is still alive. We suggest creating winter food images that hold the warmth both in and out.

The Shot List: Images of comforting food and beverages that can be enjoyed during the winter time, such as Red Bean Porridge · Dumplings · Hoppang(Steamed Bun) · Hotteok(Sweet Pancake) · Citrus Tea · Hot Chocolate · Vin Chaud.

4. Images of Winter Lifestyle

Winter is the season that the temperature goes below zero Celsius degree quite frequently. Therefore, we must be careful by taking care of our own health and the surroundings that accompany our everyday lives. Focusing on this subject could be an inspiration to create your own stock images.

The Shot List: Daily necessities such as Touchscreen Winter Gloves · Cold-Protective Clothing · Humidifiers · Hot Packs · Insulation Sheets. Images related to Car Maintenance like Antifreeze Fluid · Washer Fluid · Snow Chain. Lifestyle images like Low-Temperature Burns · Fire · Safety Accidents like Slip and Fall. Check-up images of Heaters · Water Meter.

5. Images of Winter Break

Winter break, starting from the end of December to the end of February, is normally perceived as an opportunity to make up for the weakness of children’s studies. Yet, from a different perspective, it is a great chance to learn how to autodidact. Produce stock images that illustrate the various experiences that can happen during the winter break with models from various age groups.

The Shot List: Children making their own daily schedule for Winter Break. Images of English · Coding · Science · Reading Camps held online and/or offline. Mentoring programs portraying mentors around their 20s and mentees around their 10s. Lifestyle images of children and their caretakers spending time in the Science Museum · Art Gallery. Children attending various cultural events like First Sunrise of the Year · Snow Festival · Winter Market.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted together with the images. Failure to submit such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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