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Shot Lists for March

[Modern Lifestyle and Eye Health]

Having to stare at the screens of electronic devices all day, especially in indoor heating – a modern lifestyle is surely an obstacle to eye health. Considering the upcoming weather filled with dry air, March would be a proper season to plan lifestyle images under the theme of taking care of eye health.

Think of the products that can help dry eyes like eye drops or humidifiers, people massaging their eyes with warm steam towels or eye masks, and step-by-step exercises experts recommend.

[Spring Namuls in Season]

People on the streets are starting to wear lighter and lighter clothes as spring comes. Arranging a series of fresh spring Namul(Korean herb dishes) photography could help them feel the upcoming spring better. Namuls that will be in season in March are Mugwort · Wild Chive · Shepherd’s Purse · Ixeris Dentata · Aster Leaf · Sedum · Fatsia Shoots. Produce both uncooked and cooked images of Namul dishes in various styles to match the subscribers’ likings.

[International Women’s Day]

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the achievements of women all around the world and commemorates the numerous efforts to create a more equal society. What would be an alternative way to pay tribute to this important day, instead of using purple-colored objects and depicting women in a positive atmosphere?

Our recommendation is to dive deeper. Think of challenges and moments that women can come across in their lifetime. Researching Government-level policies and family-friendly corporations’ bylaws designed to support women in balancing their professional and personal lives is another great idea as well.

[Children’s Usage of Smart Devices]

Toddlers and children who are exposed to an undiscerning amount of smart device usage have higher chances of having “an increased risk of clinically relevant externalizing morbidity and specifically inattention problems”. Along the lines of newly conducted research, Taiwan has recently approved the “Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act,” – which bans children two years and younger from using any form of digital technology, this issue should be under constant attention alongside the growth of IT technology.

Showing children having difficulties due to the consequences of it is an easy way to demonstrate, however, using a different approach could also shed light on this matter. Family members working together to limit their screen time for better health, and children having a great time exploring the outside world with excitement can be the possible themes of this subject.

[The 22nd Election of Members of the National Assembly]

 Voting is a great opportunity to exercise our rights as a member of a democratic society. Let your imaginations run free to things you must bring to vote, symbols that can symbolize the voting, and images encouraging people to vote.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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