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Vivian Maier and Smartphone: How to Create Stock Photography with Smartphones

Vivian Maier, a significant American photographer who lived in secrecy but now is well-known for her self-portrait taken with a Rolleiflex camera, is loved by numerous people due to her artworks depicting people of her era. Recently, her life and artworks have been rediscovered by more people with the help of a documentary film, 〈Finding Vivian Maier〉. Yet, it will be a less-known fact that we are also encountering the opportunity to become Vivian Maier of our era every day with smartphones – one of the most crucial daily necessities – since rapidly growing Artificial Intelligence Image Generators are increasing the need for humane images paradoxically.

The beauty of photographs taken with DSLR or mirrorless cannot be overlooked. However, how about trying to capture the beauty of life with smartphones this time? Most smartphones released after 2014 are eligible for taking photographs over 4 MP with rear cameras, so you can create stock images that qualify for our criteria.

Besides the size of the image, another criterion you should check carefully is the format. after taking a photograph, Android smartphones save images as JPEG with the default camera application, while iPhones save them as HEIC(HEIF). If you are using iOS 11 and/or later versions, you can change the default format to JPEG by selecting the ‘most compatible’ on Settings. Also, the resolution can be easily modified to 300 dpi with a variety of photography editing programs.

Look up the guide on the contributor site to uncover the precious memories and magical golden hours you took with your smartphones.


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