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BTS of 2023 TongRo Calendar Production

Updated: Jul 1

It is the last Wednesday of 2022. We wish you could have a beautiful, sagacious year of the Black Rabbit.

This year’s calendar celebrates the 27th anniversary of TongRo Images Inc. and is therefore more special than previous ones. So far, we have used images from overseas partners for our calendars, however, this year’s TongRo Calendar is entirely filled with self-produced images that embody the pride of TongRo Images’ production team, which creates South Korea’s No.1 stock images.

Hyunggyu Choi, head of the photography and film production department, has stated that “this year’s calendar is created under the CEO and creators’ goal of expressing every month’s characteristics by gathering images with metaphoric mise-en-scéne” and “Finding metaphors and symbols in the photographs would be one of the ways to enjoy 2023’s TongRo Calendar at its fullest.”

Down below, we have selected some of the artwork that shows the passion and effort of the photography and film production department. Dive in and experience the uniqueness of each image.

We see various, pink-colored props and a model with a costume and makeup that maximizes her femininity. Its fairy tale-like atmosphere makes us feel like we’re peeping inside Barbie’s closet, however, at the same time, it makes us feel somewhat eerie and empty. This artwork, expressing the social pressure on women to be young and pretty regardless of their age and the modern society runs on endless, meaningless consumption, can be found in March’s section of the TongRo Calendar.

Great ideas to protect the Earth, such as Sustainability · Carbon Neutrality · Label-Free Products · Zero Waste, are now accepted as a natural part of our daily lives. TongRo Calendar has also focused on this social phenomenon and created an image for April by using can, glass bottle, and plastic bag.

This impressive photograph for TongRo Calendar, which reminds us of British painter David Hockney(1937 ~)’s artworks, has composed the sensuous summer by combining contrasting colors and minimal framing.

Thus far, we have briefly introduced the 2023 TongRo Calendar. We suggest you produce your own portfolio for 2022 and use it to look back to plan the artwork for 2023 to create more meaningful achievements. Us TongRo Images Inc. will also continuously put in the effort to produce innovative content, therefore please tune in for 2024’s TongRo Calendar!


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