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ImageKorea: Introduction of Reuters and IMAGO

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Reuters, one of the world’s three biggest news agencies and Europe’s biggest independent enterprise of producing and supplying sports content, IMAGO will start their service on ImageKorea from March 1st of 2023. It is expected to deepen the quality and depth of ImageKorea with Alamy’s existing images. To celebrate this monumental moment, this article will explain the characteristics of editorial images and the process of ImageKorea’s service more in detail.

The traditional definition of an editorial image is ‘an image that is accompanied by an article distributed in printed matter.’ However, production and distribution of digital media being more and more common, this concept has been expanded to ‘a noncommercial image for press and publication’ and/or ‘an image that expresses the narrative’.

ⓒ ImageKorea / Alamy Stock Photos

The most important concept from the definition mentioned earlier is ‘noncommercial’. As you can guess from the word itself, ‘noncommercial’ means that its purpose is NOT to sell or promote something. For this reason, the editorial image can be taken without getting the subject’s consent for portrait and/or property rights.

Moreover, the editorial image also assists information media such as newspapers · magazine articles · reportage · documentaries. Therefore, the editorial image should contain clear and correct information including the date and location of the shooting.

Start a new challenge at ImageKorea by creating ‘images for publication or press release’, which will provide a brand-new way to create your profit. We are waiting for your unique images that capture the spirit of the times within a variety of events or moments of everyday lives in a sharp manner, or conceptual ones with visual language including interesting textures · hues · patterns.


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