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ImageKorea: Renewal Opening

Updated: Jul 1

The very end of 2022 has arrived right in front of our eyes. How much have you achieved your own New Year’s resolution so far? Members of TongRo Images have been their best to contribute to the evolution of K-contents, including attending CEPIC for the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic, launching the motion graphic service for the era of video storytelling, and holding TongRo Images Creative Awards 2022 to discover and support the young artists.

Among those, looking back on the history of TongRo Images, one of the most meaningful events would be the renewal opening of IMAGEKOREA, held on December 19th, 2022. The stock image market has been formed around the subscription service of microstock. However, regardless of this, the need for the traditional RM(Rights-Managed) license and RF(Royalty-Free) license still exists. Therefore, the RM library, IMAGEKOREA, which started to write its own history with TongRo Images from 2003, is introducing itself again after a great number of technological advancements and innovations to provide high-quality content.

The main point of IMAGEKOREA’s renewal is the improvement of user convenience. By introducing color and space search engines, users could find the images in need more effectively. Moreover, the translation of metadata and search filters is also getting strengthened continuously.

IMAGEKOREA will start to service editorial images and press photographs, which will open many new possibilities for the creators of TongRo Images. In-depth articles about the editorial licenses are about to get uploaded soon, so please stay with us!


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