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ImageToday: The Cradle of Graphic Content

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

A precious member of TongRo Images, ‘ImageToday’ is a boutique platform providing high-quality content. With the help of the Graphic Production Team, this article will sketch the process of ImageToday’s graphic production from planning, and producing to curating, supported by the collaboration of talent and directors.

Trendy typography by artist ti178

Please define ‘Graphic Content’ for us.

Before, the word ‘graphic content’ was used to call the visual design duplicated by printers. However, with the popularization of digital content, it became a general term for design sources(PSD file), illustrations(AI file), 3Ds(PNG file), icons(AI, PAS file), and even videos. Still, its goal of delivering the information clearly and effectively using typography, color, shape, and image remains the same.

How does the production of graphic content work?

The supply of graphic content can be divided into two big processes: planning and production. Planning, for instance, is based on specific references that show the concept, ‘tone and manner’, and the trend and/or issue. Production is done in two ways: our production team and CP(Content Provider)s from the outside.

Why do people use graphic content?

Graphic content is utilized by professional designers working in the advertisement or visual design industry to develop images or creative sources. A lot of non-designers, such as educational or public institutions, use it to produce communication material including advertisements and brochures.

High-quality key visual by artist tid292

What is the strong point of ImageToday’s graphic content?

We consider the need and convenience of users as a top priority. Providing various types of graphic content optimized for designing mobile and digital graphics, such as content with entirely separated layers, content with a transparent background, and content with non-text could be great examples. Furthermore, with the rise of the need for moving images, we are constantly servicing and developing video content including 3D(Cinema 4D) motion graphics.

What is needed to become ImageToday’s CP?

A skill to keep to the basics. ImageToday needs talented people who can create attractive visual designs with proficiency in using graphic design software by making the best use of design principles: hierarchy, negative space, rhythm, contrast, proportion, and balance. Also, considering the characteristics of stock images, the sense to catch the rapidly changing trend and then apply it to graphic content would also be needed.

Unique Cinema 4D motion graphic by artist tid290

Share the anecdotes worth sharing.

Every content of ImageToday is created with the effort and concern of the directors and CPs. However, to pick two from those, I can share the story of ① the freelance designer who is building a great partnership for ten and counting years while maintaining the position of top attributors, and ② the CP who had zero to no understanding of the basics of graphic content but did not give up till to the point of creating their own style. As a member of ImageToday, I feel proud and motivated whenever I think of these.

ImageToday is a great platform to grow as a creator by building a portfolio and making a profit from it. We are always open to novel designers who are willing to grow together, so feel free to apply.

How does ImageToday’s curation work?

Curation is a process of increasing search quality and the value of content by composing a great number of images with detailed information and story. The curation can be differed by point of view and context even though it is the same image. Therefore, its importance gets greater in the proportion of the amount of content.

In order to curate, it is important to focus on quality over quantity to hold valuable insight and balance between steady and trendy content. Of course, we are also keeping our eyes on the ways of introducing new content while re-developing and managing the current ones.

Please share the vision of ImageToday for 2023.

The design industry is constantly evolving. The needed attitude for this would be learning continuously to adapt to the new wave while trying to think outside of the box. By infusing originality into ImageToday, customers could maintain interest and attention in us.

At this very minute, ImageToday is working on its countless renovations and innovations with passion. We hope this article could help a lot of people dreaming of becoming graphic content creators.


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