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Shot Lists for August

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

It is impressive how people survive another day in this sultry weather of this summer. We recommend creating images that reflect not only the upcoming end of summer but also the following autumn. Take a look at our August shot list!

1. Summer vacation spots after the vacation season

Just as every light has its shadow, behind those people having their time at the summer resorts, nature is suffering from the illegal disposal of trash. As sustainable tourism becomes a leading trend, why don't you try making images of summer vacation spots after the vacation season is over? Delivering messages that can arouse environmental awareness through directly showing diverse kinds of trash left on the streams and beaches, or through placing props creatively is one way to do it.

The Shot List: Images of diverse sand toys or trash left on the streams · beaches · riverside · mountains, Burnt firewood, Recycling bins at the vacation spots, Family tiding up the vacation spots

2. Images showing the friendship between two women

It is always mind-comforting that there is a friend whom we can share our feelings openly with. Imagine two best friends meeting up and having a talk at ease when there are cool breezes after the heat from the mid-summer is gone. In addition, shots that show the strengthening of friendship by having lifetime events together such as ceremonial occasions are good enough to be valuable stock images.

The Shot List: Images of two women sharing friendships indoors (living place, cafe, bar, restaurant, shopping mall) or outdoors (vacation spot, swimming pool, camping site), Images of two women strengthening friendships sharing joy and sorrow on lifetime occasions.

3. Images of a new semester

Now is the time for the students to finish up the first semester lasted from March to July. In line with this timing, it is recommended that you plan shoots with the theme of teenagers preparing for the next semester with a new mindset. Furthermore, there was a guideline from the government that the second semester is going to be back to in-person classes. Find opportunities to show how the inside and outside of the back-to-normal classes would look.

The Shot List: Elementary students holding friends' hands and smiling on the way to school, Images of prop set-up of new school supplies, Learning contents of each subject of each grade in the second semester and students writing those on the notebook, Images of guardians(parents or grandparents) helping kids starting the new semester.

4. Images of "Chu-Seok" (Thanksgiving Day in Korea)

The great holiday of Korea, Chu-Seok, is not far away. Chu-Seok, which is on August 15th on the lunar calendar and September 10th on the solar calendar, is a great chance to feel the love and affection among family again after the endemic season. Like a saying in Korea "No more or less, just be like Chu-Seok", direct the satisfying scene in which everyone gathers up to make memories together. In addition, if you add the table with the freshly harvested rice and Chu-Seok-related cuisines such as "japchae", "galbijjim", "sanjeok", and "songpyeon", you will be able to make an even better scene.

The Shot List: Diverse kinds of traditional Korean food(herbs, jeon, japchae, rice cake) and props(brass chopsticks, soother, Korean paper, colander), People preparing for homecoming, Small and big families enjoying the reunion, Bright full moon.

5. Images of autumn-related props and backgrounds

As you might get the idea in the previous shot list "Requested contents in June" uploaded in May, now is a good time to create "feel the autumn-mood" images as the fall is upcoming. With natural props such as autumn leaves, cosmos, pine cones, and seasonal fruits including persimmon, pear, fig, etc, try creating content that stimulates the senses of sight and touch.

The Shot List: Fruits and vegetables that can deliver the autumn mood(squash, persimmon, fig, acorn, pear), Images with props that arouse the feeling of seasonal change such as autumn leaves or pine cones, and Images of a calm and warm atmosphere in which one can feel the autumn mood.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted together with the images. Failure to submit such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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