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Shot Lists for July

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Fresh verdure is lightening up everywhere. We hope this list could inspire your artwork.

1. National Holidays and Anniversaries

  • To remember and commemorate the fallen soldiers and Divided families during the Korean War, we suggest creating your own stock photo which includes laying flowers, offering incense, doing silent tributes, and raising flags. Arranging chrysanthemums and the Rose of Sharon for background and/or calligraphy images could be a great choice too.

  • During the Japanese colonial period which lasted from 1910 to 1945, many activists fought for Joseon’s independence, and we are trying our best to remember them. Recreate the history that goes through past, present, and future in the form of stock images starting from the Korean flag flying in the wind to reconstructing Taegeuk Design in a modern way.

  • “The Republic of Korea shall be a democratic republic.” “The sovereignty of the Republic of Korea shall reside in the people, and all state authority shall emanate from the people.” While ruminating Article 1 of the Constitution and the story of people who sacrificed themselves to protect democracy, depict the democracy that can be practiced in our daily life. Voting, one of the epitomes of human rights, is also an item in high demand.

2. Refreshing Summer Images

Rainy Season and tropical nights are coming. The unpleasant days with high temperatures and humidity raise a need for refreshing summer images so that they could deliver the viewers with a sense of refreshment; just like a white-colored linen curtain that flutters in the cool wind, Bijarim Forest of Jeju Island. Adding colors of emeraldine sea, mint leaves, and ice cubes would make more realistic yet visually pleasing images.

3. Trendy Desserts from All Over the World

Petits fours, such as a small piece of cake, macaron, or financier – became quite common in our daily lives. We can find those on not only huge franchise cafes but also small, local businesses. Regardless of it, desserts from all over the world that were not discovered yet are still more to come. Savory yet soft dairy product Kaymak from Central Asia, appetizing Northern European brown cheese Brunost with a sweet and salty taste, visually striking メロン ソーダ(Melon soda) from Japan, and lovely little Kkwabaegi(Twisted Bread Stick) are examples of these trendy desserts. Make them into captivating stock images just like they did with their taste. Considering the weather and season, try placing it within the white-toned interior and/or around the swimming pool.

4. Personal Colors · Gua Sha · Men’s Grooming

  • Personal Colors: Have you ever heard of ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ undertones? Personal color, which categorizes people’s unique undertone – warm or cold and then the four seasons – is quite a vogue these days. Since it is emerging with the support of the fashion and beauty industry, the enterprises that offer ‘personal color diagnosing services’ are growing too. To match the season and also to build an invigorating vibe, compose the props and makeup with a summer cool tone.

  • Gua Sha: Used to be found in limited places that specialize either in skincare or massage, ‘Gua Sha(刮痧)’, is now more approachable after the skincare has combined with it. We recommend you take a series of photographs of people having a cake and eating it by applying skincare product and then rubbing it face or body – which helps the circulation and skincare at the same time.

  • Men’s Grooming: A number of men who are investing more in grooming are constantly rising. Among the many types of grooming, a ‘Down-Perm(applying hair relaxer on the side of the head to create an organized hair style)’ is one of the most popular hair treatments in South Korea. But don’t forget the other side of men’s grooming as well; a genderless style including painted nails and voluminous, long hair. Observe the current affairs of the beauty industry and make it part of your stock photography.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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