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Shot Lists for November

[Shine Bright like a Diamond]

Keeping yourself agile is one of the best features to have as a stock photographer, and that’s why it is a perfect moment for planning a series of stock images under the theme of winter. For this winter, TongRo Images presents ‘Shine Bright like a Diamond’ as a main tone and manner – combining clear, glamourous objects on the fresh, white background, to create an exciting vibe for the end of this year.

Introducing trendy interior props or beauty tools could add a whiff of freshness to your stock images while attracting subscribers who are looking for images with a white-toned background, which has ongoing popularity.

To name a few examples, a petit-sized ‘crystal’ mood lighting that shows an exquisite combination of light and shadow, niche ornaments that could be either hung on the Christmas tree or on the bed table, items such as music box and/or handbell that give visual and audial pleasure at the same time would be an inspiration. Additionally, for the beauty tools, try experimenting with nail art props like glitters with cool undertones! Its icy look would add a refreshing look.

Lastly, please consider that the handbells and music boxes were on the customer’s requested list! Handbells are quite frequently used for kindergarten recitals that are held at the end of the year, so put this into consideration while designing the stock image.

[Unprecedented Husband, Unprecedented Father]

Every marketer in South Korea is looking forward to reading one specific book: <Trend Korea>, the book that predicts and analyzes the trend of the very upcoming year. Among the themes, we have selected ‘Unprecedented Husband, Unprecedented Father’ as a part of this November’s shot list.

It wasn’t long ago that Korean society looked up to the Swedish ‘Lattepapa’ while appealing for systemic support. However, not only with the awareness that raising a child is a shared responsibility of all caregivers but also the systemic support of the government, which includes support for simultaneous or sequential parental leave and a maximum of nine million Korean Won, we can see the Korean society is slowly but clearly heading to a better place.

Capture this phenomenon and put it into the stock images featuring the father figure that is in the part of children’s every stage of growth. A concept of a whole family spending time together, or a father and a child having a quality face-to-face moment could be an example.

[Honey, Call the Arborist!]

‘Seek a pharmacist for the medicine, seek a doctor for the medical treatment.’ This is a very well-known public campaign for Koreans. However, did you know that this catchphrase also applies to the trees now as well?

Due to the policy of the Korea Forest Service, medical treatment for trees can only be done by tree hospitals with arborists. This policy reminds us of the Korean proverb, ‘Don't look at the trees. Look at the forest’ – which emphasizes the importance of stepping outside the frame, considering that this is a measure to eradicate the inappropriate use of medicine and medical treatments to protect the health and safety of nature and people who are living together.

Don’t forget that it is your chance to seize this change of flow. Arborists visiting and inspecting the tree injury scenes, logging the important details of medical treatments, and giving out prescriptions for various trees will be a great theme of your new project.

[Positivity in Everyday Life]

Having a solid soul while living today cannot be stressed enough and there is surely more than one way. Whether it is a person enjoying their own solitude at various places whether it is inside or outside or multiple people reminding themselves of the importance of the relationship that they already have by being around them, they are all valid. Of course, using your imagination and wit to come up with an original series of images could work!

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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