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Shot Lists for September

[Viva el Año Nuevo]: There are a few special moments welcoming us with a refreshing look every year. Among those, we have selected ‘the year of Blue Dragon’ and ‘College Scholastic Ability Test’.

1. 2024, the year of Blue Dragon

Since long ago, Korean people have named each year after the Asian Zodiac. For the upcoming 2024, it is a year of Blue Dragon! Welcoming the new year by designing the stock image infuses the traditional beauty which lives within the modern society we live in.

Think of the materials that could easily be part of the composition images to share the excitement of the new year, including New Year’s Cards or promotional materials. Well-wishing remarks written with traditional fonts, gift sets, or elegant images of blue dragons could be great examples.

2. 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test

College Scholastic Ability Test(CSAT) will be held exactly 97 days later. This test always has been at the center of attention since 1995 all over the country; including high school students, their parents, and the people who are working in the education industry. Capture the multi-dimensional side of this catastrophic process of the Korean college admissions system.

Changes in the curriculum will be covered in CSAT and the admission process are made annually. Consequently, it is important to react rapidly and then portray the ever-changing aspect of it. Alternatively, we can think of props images that show the necessary stationaries for students or the sweet desserts which are frequently gifted to them to show support.

If you want to work with models on your photo shoot, think of the students’ lifestyle – who are learning to take good care of themselves and manage their own time better. Parents supporting their children with genuine hearts and teachers putting their passion into studying and preparing as much as possible for their students could also add depth to this theme.

[Social Issues]: Accompanied by heavy rain, raging social issues are giving us a somewhat uneasy atmosphere these days. However, it is important to record these issues, especially in times like this. Through the lens of the camera, we advise you to record the moments freely yet keenly – on your editorial account.

1. Typhoon Khanun

The typhoon which once was expected to veer off the Korean Peninsula, ‘Khanun’, changed its direction and now affecting all over Korea. To minimize the damage, local government all over the Peninsular is inspecting and preparing. What kind of theme could express this social issue in terms of stock images?

Lifestyle categories with realistic settings such as fixing the window, closing water · electricity · gas supply valves, and inspecting the housing and agricultural spaces could be an easy approach. This approach does not require the process of hiring locations or models yet could bring you a high subscription.

Furthermore, ruminating that we all are part of this valuable society, people inspecting and repairing places with a high risk of flooding and landslide together would be another outstanding theme.

2. Conflict around Educational Authority

Recently, the amount of concern about educational authority getting violated is rising. Suffering from an excessive amount of administration tasks, vicious claims of child abuse, and verbal · physical abuse, teachers are even taking their own lives.

To improve this situation, the departments involved including the Office of Education, have announced that they will do their best to provide a better environment for teachers, as well as urging the reform of the related laws for teachers’ righteous educational activities.

In support of students’ and teachers’ equal rights, search for a method to show this aspect of Korean society with empathy. Rather than the image of the straightforward composition of an adult and a child confronting each other, we suggest a metaphorical approach – such as using props that could represent the school and/or classroom in the crisis.

[Industrial PDA and RFID Reader]

Images belonging to the industrial category should clearly show the specific devices that are accompanied by certain industrial situations. For this reason, to meet the needs of the recent request for images showing businesspeople managing the stock by using RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and industrial PDA, you should make them as main characters. This means that the outcome of your photo shoot should put people inspecting and scanning boxes, goods, or clothes with RFID tags with RFID readers, and PDAs as realistically as possible.

To do so, a deep understanding of each industrial environment is surely needed. Stock managing for example, since it is done in both the warehouse and the store, the costumes should include all the working clothes, business casual, and even suit. Keep your cameras close to the places where everyday lives happen.

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted with the images. Not submitting such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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