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Visual Design Trend of 2024

 This week’s Special feature will introduce the keywords of 2024’s visual design trend and their characteristics. Blend these with your creativity and turn them into a chance to bloom an endless possibility.

[Solemn Yet Beautiful: Quiet Luxury]

The ability to point the main point out is very important when it comes to visual art, and this is the reason why it is so closely connected to minimalism. Among those, the minimalism of 2024 has come back with an ‘Old Money’ aesthetic. The ‘Quiet Luxury’ trend with an elegant atmosphere can be achieved by combining soft, mute-toned colors with natural objects like marble, wood, and silk without distracting details, and this is why it suits the business category. Get detailed information on [Trend Report: Old Money Look and Stealth Luxury].

[Go Bolder: Bold Typography]

Typography emphasizes the visual beauty of the text itself. Especially for 2024, typography went quite upfront, showing its visual presence intensely. Its boldness can be directly grafted onto motion graphics. Produce content with movement and versatility using bold typography design for the use of titles or subtitles.

[Somewhere Not Here: 3D surrealism]

With the combination of the internet and information technology, online space is constantly evolving. The distinctive existence of this online space, a place that exists over the world of five senses, can also be found in the visual design trend of 2024, ‘3D surrealism’.

 3D surrealism of this year distinguishes itself from the others with the characteristics of dynamic primary colors and a variety of compositions. 〈Barbie〉, a movie released in 2023 with a successful box office record, also had its effects – a usage of ‘bubblegum pink’, a fairytale-like pink color, has rocked ever since.

From minimalism and maximalism to surrealism – this year’s visual design trend requires a command of various visual languages. This journey might take some time, however, would guarantee satisfactory subscription.



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