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Captioning Tips for Contributors - 1

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

A caption is highly influential on customers’ choices. The importance of a carefully created caption is equally important to the quality of the image. Here are some of the suggestions and examples to build good metadata.

[Suggested Length for Caption]

  • Korean: from 10 to 40 characters including space (minimum 5, maximum 100)

  • English: from 50 to 70characters including space (minimum 5, maximum 200)


  • Check your spelling and word spacing.

  • Use objective expression.

  • Include facts, specific detail, and relevant information about the image.

  • Include important detail such as when, where, who, and what.

  • Include the atmosphere, concept, and emotion that the image expresses.

  • Add additional information such as concept, location, and camera angle.

[Portrait]: Gender · Age Group · Occupation · Pose · The Number of People.

① Three young business people smiling with clenched fists.

② An East Asian senior couple enjoying relaxing tea time sitting on the floor while smiling at each other.

③ A young, beautiful East Asian woman with long wavy hair, resting her chin looking directly at the camera.

④ An East Asian senior woman sitting on the sofa while touching her knee due to knee pain.

[Animal]: Breed · Action · Pose · Amount of Animal(s)

① One cute toy poodle sitting on a sofa with warm, shining sunlight.

② Cows eating hay in the cattle shed.

[Landscape and Location]: Location · Building · Facilities · Landmark.

① Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, a nightscape of the city with high-rise lights.

② Banpo Hangang Park, Seorae Island, Dongjak Bridge. A landscape of buckwheat flowers and Seoul.

③ Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. Summer landscape of Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy with fully bloomed Crepe-myrtle flowers.

④ Mt. Daedun, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do Province. Surak valley under the metal bridge among the thick forest.

[Food and Object]: Information on the Food and/or Object · Color · Design Element.

① A top view of a table setting of Korean traditional food, rice cake soup(Tteokguk), and kimchi on the grey background.

② A high-angle shot of Gambas al Ajillo(shrimp and garlic) on the beige background.

③ Korean traditional food, close-up of Spicy Beef Soup(Yukgaejang).

④ A top view of various purple-themed kitchen dishware and a fork.

[Interior]: Information on the elements such as Living Room · Bedroom · Bathroom with Style · Atmosphere · Color.

White and natural kitchen interior with a wooden top sink.

We hope this captioning guideline could help your profit-creating process. The following guideline will deal with the ways to enter captions and some of the points you should be aware of.

This guideline continues to [Captioning Tips for Contributors - 2].


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