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Improved Payment System for Tax Documents

We have improved our payment system. This system automatically manages the tax documentation system and takes care of every single contributor's document status.

1. More efficient payouts

Before: When your approved document was only a passport copy, the payments could be made upon the written confirmation of the contributors.

After: As long as you have the approved passport copy registered in the system, the payment will be automatically made once your earnings reach the minimum payout amount.

2. Expiration alert

Before: You were requested to submit the new tax documents by the time the existing ones expire.

After: A month's notice will be automatically sent to the contributors via e-mail, so that you can prepare the documents beforehand and apply the reduced tax rate seamlessly.

This improvement won't let the system neglect any of you for the tax documents. All you should do is paying attention to your inbox for the emails from <> titled "Documents Request". Make sure the emails don't go to the junk inbox.


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