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Captioning Tips for Contributors - 2

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The second guideline will cover the good and bad examples of captions, and the way to upload captions by using metadata.

[Things to exclude from your captions]

  • Unnecessary details. (Type of file extensions, etc.)

  • Repetitive words and/or expressions.

  • Subjective expressions.

  • Colloquial styles. (Interrogative, exclamatory sentences)

  • Trademark, brand, or product name.

  • Special characters including middle tilde(~).

  • Umlaut(ä, ö, ü, äu), or graphic accents (à, ã, æ, ø, ß).

  • Same caption for multiple images.

  • Copy-and-pasted captions from other creators.

  • Slang, swear words, and other offensive words.

  • Your nickname.

Get more specific ideas from the examples below.

[One-worded caption]

- An apple (X)

- Close-up of a red apple on white background (O)

[Captions without detail]

- A wooden toy (X)

- Top view of colorful wooden toy blocks and its shadow on blue background (O)

[Array of keywords, not a complete sentence]

- Autumn, Outdoor, Café, People, Couple, Dog, Two People, Youth (X)

- A young couple spending time with a dog at the outdoor café in autumn (O)

[Using trademark, brand, or product name]

- Close-up of a woman’s hand using a MacBook and an iPhone (X)

- Close-up of a woman’s hand using a laptop and a smartphone (O)

[Using word and/or expression repetitively]

- Green vegetable veggies lettuce romaine lettuce on white background (X)

- Fresh green lettuce on white background (O)

[Adding unnecessary details]

- A businesswoman with a tablet thinking of an idea, photoshoot, JPG image (X)

- East Asian businesswoman with a tablet thinking of an idea (O)

Now it’s time to bring out your polished skill in practice.

[Tips to apply metadata]

Using metadata with .CSV, .XLS, XLSX file extension(s) could save a lot of time. It is possible to enter your caption online, however, we suggest you download a metadata sample, offered by us TongRo Images Inc. Check the upper middle side of the content upload wizard and download the sample, and enter the caption on the row of ‘CaptionEN’. Although don’t forget to keep in mind that you should enter and submit the data in the way stated above! The following guideline will cover the required elements of captions for editorial images.

This guideline continues to [Captioning Tips for Contributors - 3].


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