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Get Ready to be Paid

Our IT team recently spent months developing an easier payment system for our international contributors. With a lot of time and effort from related departments at TongRo, we finally opened a new registration system where you can readily provide your payment information.

The biggest change is that the process for a Reduced Tax Rate Application became incredibly efficient. The fact that the Korean government accepts only the Korean form of the application has caused inconvenience both for TongRo and for the contributors. However, now, the application will be ready only by clicking the answers to 7 English questions.

Another thing is that you don’t need to send your personal details such as a copy of your passport and Certificate of Residence through emails anymore. Now, all you have to do is simply upload the files on the contributor website.

Here are the instructions for updating your payment information. Follow step by step, then it'll be done quickly and conveniently.

1. Go to My Page and find the Payment section.

On the Payment section, you'll see three documents required if the country you reside in and South Korea have an agreement for the Reduced Withholding Tax Rate. 93 countries have an agreement with South Korea at the moment. Click the status value(blue letters) to go to the submission page.


<Required Documents>

- Copy of Passport: This is a mandatory document for everyone who will get paid (Corporations are required to submit a Certificate of Business Registration instead of a Copy of your Passport).

- Certificate of Residence: Only those who can get the reduced tax rate is required to submit this document.

- Application for Reduced Tax Rate: Only those who can get the reduced tax rate is required to submit this document (The application form for corporations is slightly different from the one for individual contributors).


The basic withholding tax rate is 22%. Check if you live in a country where you can reduce the tax, and make sure you receive more money. In case you are unable to submit the relevant documents and accept the basic tax rate, you can skip submitting the Certificate of Residence and Application for a Reduced Tax Rate. The payment will still be executed.


2. Upload a Copy of your Passport and Certificate of Residence.

Click the red buttons and upload the required files.

Once the file is uploaded, the red button will be deactivated. Look at the file name under the box to double-check if you uploaded the correct file, or click the status value(blue letters) to see the preview of the file.

Note that you can upload only one file at a time.

If you want to change the file,

delete the previous one first and upload the new one.

3. Click the 'Submit' button and complete the Application for Reduced Tax Rate.

There will be five steps for the application. In the first step, you need to put your name and your address. Your nationality and country of residence will be automatically filled in according to the data you put in when you signed up on the website. If you moved to a different country or changed your nationality, contact our International Relations Team.

To go to the next step, you must click 'Save' and the arrow.

In the second step, you need to put your passport number, date of birth, and telephone number. Again, the country number will be automatically filled in according to the country of residence when you sign up.

In the third and fourth steps, you'll have to answer seven questions. Your answers will apply to the actual application form.

We finally reached the last stage! Draw your signature by dragging your mouse with the left-click button pressed.

After submitting the application, click the status value. You can check how the actual application looks(both in English and Korean).

TongRo Images will review your documents to see if there is anything to be corrected. We will either approve your documents or request resubmission.

For more information, contact

or look at the Payment Information on the contributor website.


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