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How to Upload Metadata and Releases

Preparing metadata of images is one of the most essential works for photographers and other content creators. Metadata is the key to keeping copyrights safe and making your hard work properly organized. Today, we brought a detailed demonstration of how to register your metadata spreadsheet and releases on the contributor website.

First of all, you need to prepare a well-arranged metadata spreadsheet where the Media code matches the Model code and Property code.

Ver.2_Metadata forTongRo
Download XLSX • 11KB

Put the filenames of the images under 'MediaCode.' The mandatory fields to fill in are 'MediaCode', 'CaptionEN', and 'KeywordsEN'.

Put the filenames of the releases under 'ModelCode' and 'PropertyCode.' If you have multiple releases for one image, you can put more filenames of the releases in the same cell with a comma.

If your metadata is ready to go, log in to the contributor website, and upload your images. When you reach Step 2, click 'Upload Metadata.'

Open the metadata file, then you can see the file is added.

Click 'register' to complete the process and then click the blue button('confirm') when this message pops up.

Once the file is registered, you will see the filename on the right bottom of the page.

Now, it's time for the releases. Just as same as you did with the metadata, click 'Upload releases' and open the file.

If you see the file in the 'Added files' box, click 'Register' to finalize the process. Click the blue button('confirm') when this message pops up.

The same process goes with the property releases on the 'Property release' tap. When everything is done, you’ll see the releases well registered on the right bottom of the page.

Follow this instruction step by step! It will make things a lot easier. Also, the releases you upload will stay in your account, so you can re-apply them to other images in the future. If you find this process too complicated for you, please contact us at We will help you out at any time.


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