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Keywording Tips for Contributors

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Customers use keywords to look for the content they need for their projects. ClipartKroea and ImageToday display high-quality images in the “curated contents” section. Regardlessly, the customers end up downloading/buying the images they need by typing keywords and clicking the search button.

This searching process by customers results in, if you don’t put accurate and appropriate keywords for your content, customers won't be able to find your content. For this reason, you always need to call attention to better keywording.

If you’re a professional (stock) photographer, you might already know the general tips for keywording. But let’s double-check on them because there could be new sides of keywording in the Korean customer-oriented market.


Before we forget,

  • For TongRo Images' service platforms, the minimum keywords per image are 7 and the maximum 30.

  • Don't worry that you don't see any English keywords on the websites. Your English keywords will be automatically translated into Korean through our CMS(Content Management System).


Be specific about people

Make sure you clarify the number, age group, gender, and ethnicity of the people in your content. Even if the picture doesn’t include any people, it is important to indicate there’s ‘nobody’ in the picture for the searchers who look for the images without people.

- The number of people

e.g. nobody, no people, one person, two people, three people, only one person, and so on.

- The age group: There are numerous ways to describe people's age group.

e.g. baby, newborn, toddler, kid, childhood, young, old, (number)-(number) years, elder, elderly, mid-adult men, etc.

- The gender-specific keywords

e.g. man, woman, Businessman, businesswoman, girl, boy, male, female, mother, father, only women, one woman, etc.

- The popular keywords of ethnicity in Korea

e.g. Asian, caucasian, African-American, and so on.

Include adjectives

Keywords don’t have to be nouns. Brainstorm and find the best descriptive words for each picture. Here are some examples of the best pictures with good adjective keywords.

The adjectives used for this picture:

healthy, organic, vegetarian, fresh, different, various, natural, vitamin, concept, wooden, vegan, plastic, clean eating, bottled, full.

The adjectives used for this picture:

satisfying, prevailing, raised, low angle view, mature adult, sunny, supporting, enthusiastic, cheerful, recreational, eager, lighthearted, gratifying, exciting, excited, pleased, amused, amusing, celebrated, enjoyable

The adjectives used for this picture:

calm, domestic life, horizontal, luxury, luxurious, modern, sunny, colored, peaceful, up-to-date, absent, extravagant, serene, photographic, indoor, inside, wealthy, contemporary, current, tranquil, ostentatious, lavishly, colored

Avoid irrelevant words

For example, for the picture above, keywords such as coins, hand, collection, economy, finance, close-up, counting, wealth, profit, business, and motion are great!

However, do not put keywords such as businesswoman, woman, or office for this image just because you took the picture in an office, and the out-focused person was a female model. Customers don't and wouldn't need to know that, and the picture would be hardly ever used to emphasize the space or the person in the picture.

Extra information for you!

Exchangeable words management on TongRo Images' CMS: You can keep in mind that on our CMS, we registered (and keep updating) popular keywords and the exchangeable words for each keyword. Here are the examples.

Although we have background knowledge about keywording, we're human and sometimes run out of vocabulary in our minds. Then, why not enjoy the benefit of open databases? Visit websites such as Keyword io, Keywords Ready, or Micro Stock Group and get help!


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