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Shot Lists for November

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Winter, the season when people prepare for new and different beginnings, has come knocking on the door. We hope you successfully wrap up 2022. Let's start our November shot list.

1. Images in which fancy styling stands out

"Peacocking Look" is acquiring attention again. Unlike in the past when the "cool-effortless look" was the mainstream whose natural styling stood out with the corona-related mask duty, now that postponed or canceled events are starting to resume and come alive, fancy styling is becoming trendy. Why don't you try shooting images of heart-throbbing gorgeousness?

The Shot List: Images of models in guest attire ∙ festival look, Images of props for year-end party style, and Cosmetic images using color makeup.

2. Mental health-themed images

Book series of healing essays using Disney characters were very popular in Korea. In addition, videos or tv shows such as the drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" in which the main character was a lawyer with autistic spectrum disorder, or "My Golden Kids" in which a famous psychiatrist appears are constantly growing in popularity. Considering this, we can assume that the importance of mental health is being increasingly emphasized. Thus, we recommend making stock images of mental health themes.

The Shot List: Interior images of psychological counseling centers, Images of experts such as counseling psychologists ∙ clinical psychologists, Images of people having counseling therapy, and Images of child developmental therapy such as play therapy ∙ art therapy.

3. Images of winter lifestyle and healthcare

Winter is getting closer. As the temperature decreases significantly, the amount of activity will descend naturally. It is time for people to take care of their immune systems and health. In line with this idea, try shooting images of not only weather-related lifestyles but also images of healthcare such as health supplements, and household medical equipment. Considering that the demand for cross-border shopping of health supplements is constantly increasing, it is expected that the demand for healthcare-themed images will be on the rise.

The Shot List: Images of healthcare supplements such as probiotics ∙ omega-3 ∙ vitamin ∙ magnesium, and Images of household healthcare such as environmentally friendly paints ∙ clothes made of pure cotton ∙ massage equipment ∙ compression stockings ∙ steam eye masks ∙ foam rollers.

4. Christmas or end-of-the-year images

The time you spend with your beloved people is always precious. As the end of the year which is the proper time to share the memories you accumulated together for a year with others is coming, it is a good idea to make images of Christmas parties ∙ year-end parties, and images of props that go along with them. Furthermore, if you add images of the year-end tax settlement, which is called "salary of the 13th month", you will be able to create images more related to the themes.

The Shot List: Images of props that show coziness with the warm color, Object images whose trends and tradition combine, Food images that create the mood of ampleness, Images of people spending year end in restaurants ∙ houses ∙ travel spots, and Images of year-end tax settlement.

5. Images of winter leisure sports

Most winter sports take place outdoors. However, environments for indoor winter sports are getting built recently. Not only well-known curling and skating but also ice climbing ∙ alpine skiing ∙ bobsleigh ∙ luge ∙ biathlon is possible to try through VR simulators. Make yourself a competent stock image photographer by finding unique filming locations and combining them with your imagination.

The Shot List: Images of people enjoying indoor winter sports, Interior images of icerink ∙ ice climbing rink, and Images of winter sports equipment such as skate shoes ∙ hockey sticks ∙ ice climbing Beil(pickel).

6. Images of the 2022 Qatar Worldcup

The 2022 Qatar Worldcup is almost here! Try capturing people and the heat of them rooting for their teams and countries together in the streets, houses, and pubs.

The Shot List: Images of people rooting for their teams in various places, Images of cheering props such as balloon sticks ∙ cheering pom-poms ∙ trumpets ∙ cheering clappers, and Background images of symbols that represent teams or countries(flags ∙ flowers ∙ animals).

If your images contain a recognizable face, a model release must be submitted together with the images. In addition, if your images contain a place, an object, pets, or other properties that require consent from ownership, copyright holders, or property rights holders to use them, a property release must be submitted together with the images. Failure to submit such releases may result in content rejection by the editor.


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